Crypto Based Trading Plan

Buy Sale Exchange etc are very useful terms in crypto marketing. Now you can start your own Buy Sale Trading based MLM Platform with Crypto Coin. Crypto based trading plan required virtual wallet value to work out.

There are so many companies running in the same logic. They prompt people to the investor but wallet fund. Now wallet fund could be work for purchase coin value. He can buy a certain value of any certain crypto coin.

If the prices rise and Member want to sell then he can sell and earn the benefit. Even you can trade with multi crypto coins. Regular basis buys and sale will lead your investment return high and high.

If a member wants to withdraw it wallet amount then can send a request to the company and company will deliver its amount either in bitcoin block chain or bank account. Depends on company norms.

How it works

Crypto Based Plan basically works with a virtual wallet or virtual coin like bitcoin, ethereum etc. Owner must have one of those to plan a business with crypto currency. Based on this currency he will promote his plan and convince others to invest. But sometimes it will be difficult to implement because crypto currency rate can go down any moment. And it can be very profitable if situation is the opposite. So before set up business based on this plan, owner should study previous business record well to learn about crypto market. And also he needs to set members profit according to it. Not very high – so that in case plan did not work he or his investors won’t face a heavy loss.

What we offer

  • As we stated above crypto based plan needs virtual wallet, but in the software we will be providing according to clients demand.
  • We can set up so business owner can create his virtual coin manually.
  • If he has bitcoin or ethereum API and he wants to integrate that in his software then we can do that as well.
  • Rest of the calculation ,joining system and profit money will be set up according to client’s business plan.